Instructions: how to order Prozac?

Are you wondering how to order Prozac? Then this guide will help to deal with this issue.

To place an order via an online pharmacy, you will need: a) Internet b) 10 minutes of free time.

  1. Once you have entered the site online pharmacy, type the name of the drug to the search bar. The system will give you the desired product with the characteristics of which you can see right there;
  2. To order the product, it must be moved to a shopping cart. This can be done by using the buttons ‘Buy’ or ‘Move to Cart’. Moreover, in the appropriate window you can specify how many packages of the drug you need, and at the same time, calculate how much your purchase will cost ;
  3. After that you will be asked to register at the pharmacy and fill out the order form. For registration it will not need a passport or other official documents. You’ll just have to specify some contact information. Do not be afraid of information leakage, as pharmacies operate on secure servers. And all the information about you and your order will be kept confidential;
  4. After registering and filling out the form, you should pay for your order. How to do it:
    • Money transfer via bank;
    • COD;
    • Using e-money;
    • Credit cards and many others.


    1. To place an order, you do not need to confirm a presence of prescription.
    2. Manager of online store will contact you in the near future and specify the timing and delivery charges, and the availability of the drug and other important moments. Also, managers can give you additional advises on ‘how to order Prozac‘.

Buy the drug Prozac in Canada

A network of professional Canadian and International pharmacies, located in the territory of the country, offers cheap medicines to customers from all around the world. Some time ago, the American drug prices were almost two times more than the Canadian. It is then the Canadian drug boom began.

Today buy Prozac in Canada is easy, convenient and fast. To do this you need to know just a couple of key points:

  • Since at this time there are a huge amount of the virtual pharmacies, you should pay attention only to those that are part of, for example, the Canadian International Association of Pharmacists. Membership of the organization confirms presence of the license, which means reliability, high quality and guaranteed delivery dates;
  • Do not pay attention to virtual pharmacies that have in their assortment only stimulating drugs. But special attention should be given to those pharmacies that can boast of membership in the International Association of Pharmacists;
  • To buy Prozac in Canada you should have a prescription, approved by your doctor. The prescription can be sent in several ways: by fax or e-mail.

In general, order Prozac in Canada is not difficult. For more extra information, you can contact the manager of online pharmacies via email or by phone calls.

What is the difference between Prozac and Fluoxetine?

How to use Prozac and how to Order Prozac Online Cheap

The main difference between these drugs is that the Prozac is the original drug and Fluoxetine is its copy. Generics are generic drugs that have been copied from the original, when the term of the patent for the main active ingredient has expired. The generics’ names always differ from the names of original drugs. Generally, they have name of the main acting component. And also, they are produced by a variety of companies.

Fluoxetine is a Russian Generic of Prozac. It coincides with the original drug in all parameters: dosages, effectiveness, syndromes at which assigned, etc. But at the same time it is not inferior Prozac in quality but it is much cheaper. This is a very good option for those who want to buy cheap Proza? online.

Why is Fluoxetine cheaper? Since, its producers did not have to spend funds for drug development, clinical trials, and obtaining certificates of efficiency and safety. And, of course, no need to promote the drug through advertising and marketing campaigns. Therefore the high quality of Fluoxetine has a low cost.

The drug Generic Fluoxetine is equivalent to Prozac biologically and pharmaceutically. It is also prescribed for treatment depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bulimia nervosa, and dysphoria at PMS.

Now anyone can buy cheap Prozac online and even without prescription. For this, you just need to use the services of online pharmacies. Virtual pharmacy is good by many reasons:

  • the possibility to place order at any time;
  • free consultations with a competent manager;
  • getting an order directly to your home in the shortest period of time;
  • making a purchase confidentially;
  • saving money when buying. Because medicines in online pharmacy are a bit cheaper than in real drugstores.